The Drumat by MAPA is a lightweight and convenient alternative to heavy, fraying rugs commonly used by drummers to hold their drumsets in place while playing.

over ordinary rugs:

  • Durable & Light weight
  • Easy to carry securing clip and shoulder trap
  • Non-skid backing eliminates sliding
  • 2-piece hinged design for easy wrinkle-free rolling
  • Looped surface holds drums secure
  • Opens to a 4-foot by 6-foot area
  • Rolls to 2-foot by 6-inches
  • Contour shape fits into corners

Look for this display 
at a music store near you. 

Another advantage of the Drumat is that it protects carpeting from grease stains left behind by bass pedals and high hat stands. Latin percussionists, who are increasingly using bass drums and kick bells, will also find the Drumat useful. 

The Drumat has a suggested retail price of $52.95 (prices will vary). If you can't find the Drumat at your favorite music retail store, ask them to order it from the distributor - HSS, a division of Hohner.