artists: Gerald Kloos - Empire - Germany


Gerald Kloos (nickname: Gerry-Evil-Cola) started to play drums when he was fourteen. He joined numerous regional bands in his early years (Static Image, Holey Wood etc.), always with his unbroken passion towards rock music regardless of 'hipness' or musical trends.

Gerald and Rolf Munkes, who have been close friends since 1986, played together in a Darmstadt-based band called Fallacy from 1989 to1991 (their music may be characterized as progressive rock with classic elements). In 1998 they resumed their musical collaboration and released the CD 'No More Obscurity' under Rolf Munkes's name, which was distributed worldwide 2000.

Since then Gerald has focussed his input on the Empire project in terms of marketing, web design and of course drumming! In contrast to the widespread stereotype that drummers are just stupid timekeepers, Gerald's musical interests have never been limited to just playing drums. They also include developing innovative changes in the way drum sets are built (such as Gerry's 'flat-drumshell-concept', 'kick-pedal-speeder', 'anti-snare-buzzer' etc.).